"She is all of the things you want in a wedding coordinator: organized, detail-oriented, up-to-date on the industry, experienced, communicative, creative, patient, honest, empathetic, etc. But she is so much more! 

She's wickedly funny, she'll make every step of the process fun, she'll become your ultimate hype girl, she's a problem solver who literally DOESN'T ever seem stressed (like how?), she's on top of absolutely everything (her detailed spreadsheets should be packaged up and sold en masse), she's accepting and non-judgement, she works incredibly well with other vendors, and so much more. By the end of the night, our guests were talking about how much they loved her and were asking for her contact information, so they could give it out to their family and friends. For days following our wedding, people were telling us "we love Kayla - she's incredible!" She's that good.

- Annik A.       

"hire Madden Made Events if you want a stress-free & magical wedding.

After the very first meeting with Kayla, I was overcome with relief.  I genuinely get teary-eyed thinking about how absolutely perfect our wedding was and how insanely grateful I am for Kayla, Greg, and all they did for us. There wasn't a moment of stress and everything was executed flawlessly. The details were meticulous and perfectly tailored to who we are - our wedding could not have been more authentically us if we tried, and so much of that is because of Madden Made and their design choices. 

- Ashley B.       

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